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Announcement of New Editorial Team

We are excited to announce the appointment of Felipe Hinojosa as Editor and Kevin Escudero as Managing Editor of Latinx Talk beginning June 1, 2020.

Both Felipe and Kevin have served on the Editorial Board of Latinx Talk since 2017 and are excited about this new opportunity. They step in committed to continuing the outstanding work of Theresa Delgadillo (currently at Ohio State University and soon to be at University of Wisconsin-Madison) who founded and led our predecessor site Mujeres Talk from 2010 to 2017 and has served as lead editor of Latinx Talk from 2017 to the present. Delgadillo will remain on the Editorial Board of the site through December 2020. Thank you, Theresa! Your service and commitment have helped to make Latinx Talk one of the premiere online journals today focused on critical issues in the Latinx community.

Felipe Hinojosa is Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M University. His work has appeared in Zócalo Public Square, Western Historical Quarterly, American Catholic Studies, Mennonite Quarterly Review, and in edited collections on Latinx Studies. His first book, Latino Mennonites: Civil Rights, Faith, and Evangelical Culture (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014) won the 2015 Américo Paredes Book Award for the best book in Mexican American and Latina/o Studies by the Center for Mexican American Studies at South Texas College. His forthcoming book, Apostles of Change: Latino Radical Politics, Church Occupations, and the Fight to Save the Barrio published by the University of Texas Press, is set to release January 2021. Born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, Felipe is the youngest of seven children (5 sisters and 1 brother), is the son of a preacher, grew up in a home full of Bibles and going to church two nights a week and twice on Sundays. Today he is a runner, father, husband, and lover of red wine and cake.

Kevin Escudero is an Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnic Studies at Brown University. His research and teaching interests focus on the areas of comparative racial/ethnic studies, immigration, social movements, and law. His book, Organizing While Undocumented (New York University Press, 2020), examines undocumented immigrant youth’s strategic use of an intersectional movement identity. His current project focuses on immigrant and indigenous activists’ participation in Guam’s decolonization movement. As a Public Voices Fellow at the OpEd Project, he has published pieces in Latino USA, The Hechinger Report, and Truthout applying his academic research to pressing issues facing immigrant community members today. As Latinx Talk’s incoming Managing Editor, Kevin is particularly excited to further develop his skills with digital and public humanities methods and looks forward to collaborating with members of the steering committee, editorial board, and advisory board.

Latinx Talk is an online, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, and moderated forum for the circulation and discussion of original research, commentary, and creative work in brief and diverse formats such as essays (500-2000 words), multimedia presentations, podcasts, and short video. We believe in providing a space for Chicanx and Latinx Studies ideas, research, and creativity that may foster critical dialogues.

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