In 2020 and 2021, Latinx Talk launched an Open Educational Resources project to make publications from our site available for classroom and community use in the form of Mini-Readers. These Mini-Readers offer a curated selection of essays and creative work previously published on our site and our predecessor site, Mujeres Talk, on specific themes and topics, followed by a set of discussion questions relevant to the readings. We hope these free, downloadable resources contribute to growing knowledge in and of Latinx Studies, expanding dialogues on critical issues, and turning ideas into praxis.

In 2021, Rosa Amador, then a University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate student, and Professor Theresa Delgadillo, Mujeres Talk and Latinx Talk co-founder, created the first Mini-Reader on the topic of “Latinxs and Black Lives.” In spring 2022, students in Professor Kevin Escudero’s Latinx Digital Humanities course designed group projects to enhance the resources available on the Latinx Talk site. As part of this work, Jared Cetz, Naomi Gutierrez, Ren L[i]u, and Miya Matsuishi, Brown University undergraduate students, came up with the idea of creating brief podcasts aimed at a high school student audience to accompany the Mujeres Talk and Latinx Talk publications included in the Mini-Reader. In summer and fall of 2022, Danitza Rodriguez Jimenez, an undergraduate student at UW-Madison worked with Professor Delgadillo to develop three additional Mini-Readers, listed below.


The links below will take you to Ohio State University Knowledge Bank, where you can download digital PDF, print PDF, or EPUB versions of Latinx Talk Mini-Readers.

Latinxs and Black Lives Matter: Latinx Talk Mini-Reader #1 can be accessed here. 




Environmentalisms in Latinx Studies: Latinx Talk Mini-Reader #2 can be accessed here.



Gender, Sexuality, and Violence: Latinx Talk Mini-Reader #3 can be accessed here.


Rethinking Queer and Trans Latinx: Latinx Talk Mini-Reader #4 can be accessed here.




Mini-Reader Audio Files

On the Colonial Legacy of U.S. Universities and the Transcendence of Your Resistance by Oriel María Su (podcast by Ren L[i]u)


Expanding the Dialogues: Afro-Latinx Feminisms by Petra Rivera-Rideau, Omaris Z. Zamora, Sandy Plácido, and Dixa Ramirez (podcast by Naomi Gutierrez)


Moral Panic! At Halftime: Legacies of the Latin Boom Meet Gendered and Regional Latinidades by María Elena Cepeda (podcast by Miya Matsuishi)



Mini-Reader Audio Transcripts


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