Call for Papers

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Latinx Talk always welcomes submissions on all topics and in all formats in which we publish.

In addition, we are open for submissions on these topics, with a due date of March 27, 2018. If you are interested in writing on one of these topics, please contact us at Latinx Talk.

  1. Music and Protest. How are contemporary musicians and artists of conscience involved in shedding light on the suffering experienced by DACA youth, immigrants, incarcerated Black and Latina/o youth, and women fighting sexual assault and harassment?  What role do aid concerts or collective action at public events play?
  2. The pedagogy of Latinx Studies. What are you working on with your students in Latinx Studies? How might a commitment to the interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to community manifest in the curriculum? What are key concerns for students in Latinx Studies today? What might an effective Latinx Studies curriculum “do”? How does a Latinx Studies curriculum engage with race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and/or disability?
  3.  Latinx communities and #Me Too. Latinx Talkrecently ran an essay by community activists about the issue of violence against and within our communities (see We welcome further explorations on this topic that specifically address #Me Too from a Latinx feminist perspective. What do we know about how Latinas/os have experienced sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual abuse — historically or contemporaneously — and what does this research suggest about redress for this injustice?